Sofia Vergara looms like a giantess over Times Square!

22 Mar

Maybe it’s the early warm spring weather here in NYC, but as much as I want to continue to write more “memories of the porn trade” for you, lately I keep wanting to stay in the present and progress into the future.

I guess at my age I may be something of an elder statesman of erotica, or maybe make that “elder sleazeball” if you wish; but as a freelancer in today’s economy I have to hustle and keep moving forward just like the young turks of the trade. And there are so many younger writers and creators fashioning the porn scene of today.

Ironically, what I have to work on today is an article about vintage men’s magazines, which will take me “back in time” to the early 1960s. I do historical research and then write about a vintage publication in the light of its era.

Nowadays, people are looking at the mags that I used to work on back in the 70s and 80s as “retro” and “vintage.” Ironically, what I consider vintage is the stuff from before my professional life, in the 50s and 60s. And going back as far as the 20s, 30s, and 40s as well–when I can find mags like that, which are scarce and usually dilapidated.

But before I get in my “time machine” for a few hours, let me share with you a few photo treats from 2012…

Walking around Times Square recently, I saw sexy billboards that only go to show that far from being “cleaned up,” the neighborhood still has much potential to stimulate the gonads.

Case in point, a giant Sofia Vergara hovering over Broadway:

Britney Spears, in demure 1950s clothing, once did a charming soda billboard that stood in almost the same spot.

The photo is very large, so it had to be sized smaller to fit in the blog. But if you click on it, you can see it in all its enveloping “you are there” quality.

Likewise, a few blocks down I saw this great leg shot of Glee starlet Lea Michele:

This amazing billboard (as of March 2012) stands on top of Midtown Comics at 40th and Seventh Avenue.

And last but not least, somewhere east of Times Square I found myself tempted by this poster of Jennifer Love Hewitt, one of the great busty babes on today’s entertainment scene:

Be sure to click on the photo to enjoy Jennifer's inviting allure!

My theory is that one reason they “cleaned up” New York was to give more room for sultry advertisements featuring celebrity hotties! Which certainly provides photo ops for me, since I’ve been taking pictures like these for years.

Too bad there aren’t REAL celebrity giantesses walking around the area. That would be even better. But these billboards are the next best thing, I suppose! 😉

Boy, I’d sure like to meet a beautiful Asian girl about twenty-five feet tall!! 🙂

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