Pan Am delights with a splendid girdle sequence!

27 Oct

Busy week…and on top of it, it’s my birthday today…a big one that starts with 6 and ends with 0. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, announce it to the world? But what the hell. Whatever 60 is supposed to feel like, I don’t feel…except in the mornings, and late at night sometimes.

Most of the time I feel either 14, 18, or a solid 39 (like Jack Benny). And maybe with a smattering of 49.

When I was a kid I used to read the biographical dictionary for fun and subtract the people’s dates to see how long they lived. I somehow arbitrarily decided if a person lived to only 59, he or she died young. If they made to 60, they were officially old. So there, I’m an old guy. But, a dirty old guy. I got an assignment this week to write a short regular column for Domme Dose, a femdom site at dommedose dot com (for adults only). So I guess there is still some juice left in the old boy. Because when I see some of the cute dominatrixes at Domme Dose, I feel solidly 18. Or 19. (Although when one of them named BellaDaisy teases with shots of her awesome iconic cleavage, I feel a solid 14, in the full flush of goggle-eyed adolescence.)

I have to admit that if I have any lingering adolescence left in me, I keep it well-hidden.

Meanwhile…onto subjects I can illustrate with nice looking women.

After all my fantasies about Christina Ricci enslaving viewers by sashaying in her well-girdled Pan Am stewardess duds on the ABC Sunday night show of that name, it turns out that Margot Robbie is the one I’m daydreaming about.

I’m starting to feel about gloves the way those 19th century Viennese fetishists did, the ones Krafft-Ebing wrote about.

Margot plays the girl who gives up marriage to see the world via Pan Am, and she’s got the perfect figure for the fashions of the era. On top of that, she looks like a Playboy Playmate from that era too. And they looked different back then, a certain more generous curviness…

I loved when at the end of the last episode, she stood on the street looking for something in her purse.

I envy that sweater…

Who needs nudity when women look like this in clothes?

Miss Robbie’s playing is delightfully straightforward and affecting, sometimes soulful, sometimes comedic. I think she has movie star quality. And of course I reacted with joy when I saw the series reserved the honors of its first big girdle scene for Margot, two weeks ago:

Women took naps in girdles. I’ve been marveling over this since 1965.

The sweet slumber of the stewardess…

Later in the show, Margot and Christina deal with the issue of a lizard that has crawled into their hotel room. Christina finesses the lizard, but when she screeches that there’s a SNAKE in the bathroom, Margot jumps on the bed…

The lizard was vanquished, but soon Mr. Snake would make his presence known!

Margot does this really cute little move when she finally bounces off the bed…

She better get dressed before any more reptiles show up!! Like ye ole Uncle Irv!!

Whenever Pan Am lays on the female empowerment stuff, like with Christina Ricci beating guys at pool and dominoes and betting at Indonesian cockfights, it’s kind of ho-hum. But I think the show remembers what side its girdle is buttered on, as this sequence proves! I hope Pan Am gives us lots more time-traveling glimpses of mid-20th century girdle tease! May it run for a hundred seasons! I won’t be here, but I’ll set the DVR!

One final word to my fellow fanciers of erotic female empowerment–aka, femdom. Here are two shots of Margot as a sexy office worker, ready to bring any slackers back in line.

I nominate Margot Robbie for Chief Administrator of My Fantasy Life!

Obviously in Margot’s case, it’s the girl who makes the uniform, and not the other way around. As James Cagney said of Virginia Mayo in White Heat, “Baby, you’d look good in a shower curtain!”

Men become asses when girls like this wear glasses! 😉

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