A taut girdle on a hot girl at O’Hare Airport in 1969…

25 Sep

I haven’t seen the show yet–it’s on tonight–but my hunch two weeks ago in this blog that Pan Am on ABC would score a hit looks on target…and a good deal of the reason is what the characters wear…especially underneath those uniforms.

It might take place in the 60s, but you know it's really about women's "empowerment." Right, my fellow horndogs?

What do they wear? The women, that is. Girdles.

The erotica that women actually wore!

I think it was a step backward for women to give up wearing these garments!

The tight blue uniforms, the white gloves, and the girdles (referred to by star Christina Ricci so charmingly and understatedly as “underpinnings”) all seem to be catching the popular fancy. A little trailer on Yahoo today emphasizes the sexy well-encased derrieres of the stewardesses. (How lovely that we can use the sexy word “stewardess” again!! Hooray!!)

Who is she about to chew out?

Meanwhile, one of my fondest erotic memories ties three things together: a hot girl, a taut girdle, and O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

I grew up in the Windy City, in West Rogers Park (immortalized in the great short stories of Joseph Epstein in books such as The Goldin Boys and Fabulous Small Jews), and fun things to do on Saturday night dates were to park near the lakefront and “neck,” or park at the airport and “make out.”

A fond recollection from the spring of my senior year in high school (1969) was going to O’Hare Airport and parking my car somewhere near one of the terminals. The girl I was out with was reputedly “fast” and that made the situation doubly more exciting. All we did was neck and make out, feeling each other over our clothes, but what I remember vividly was, as we French kissed, running my right hand over her bottom and feeling the tautness of her girdle underneath. I can almost still feel it. She was wearing “slacks” (as trousers used to be called) and I remember being surprised that she wore a girdle, too. But I didn’t complain. There was something very erotic, and grown-up, about it. I had no expectation of getting laid (it wasn’t so easy back then, at least in my circles) and figured the most I would get was a hot make-out session, which was fine.

I sincerely hope Pan Am brings back the popularity of girdles so that young fellows today will be able to experience this sensual thrill for themselves.

In any event, I hope Christina Ricci and the other gals on Pan Am will give us plenty of eyefuls of their sexy “underpinnings!”

Bicycling their way into our hearts and loins...


I found these girdle illustrations at various sites such as ebay,, and esty.

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