Foot Lover in the Wax Museum!

14 Sep

People sometimes ask where a writer gets ideas…

Well, I just read a funny story online about badly executed wax figures of celebrities. You can find it here.

I even left a comment on about the ninetieth page (it got a lot of comments) about how I’d like to see wax figures of Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa dressed up like gladiators…

Anyway, the story got me thinking. How about a story called Foot Lover in the Wax Museum?

I don’t think I’m going to write it, but it’s certainly a viable idea. Can you imagine some fetish lover crawling around on his hands and knees in a dark museum, worshipping the likes of Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and Helen Mirren?

How about a story where the actual Kim watches a slave worship the wax Kim??

The kinky ideas are flowing now...

Ah, to be turned over her lap for a spanking, my head held down and forced to stare at her shiny red shoes!! An ecstasy of submission!!

I got these cool pix from a celebrity site here.

And how do you like Helen’s red shoes? I think that’s the real Helen, by the way, wearing the shoes. No, on second thought, maybe that’s the wax figure…in any case, apropos of what I wrote a couple of posts ago about red heels, with that footwear she fits right in here on ye ole Uncle Irv’s blog. Sexy lady…if you haven’t seen her in 1969’s Age of Consent as a twentysomething girl swimming nude in the ocean and posing nude for a painter played by James Mason, well…you don’t know the full Helen Mirren, who today may well be the most torrid sixtysomething on planet Earth!

That's James Mason, always perfect as the decadent aesthete!

I found the above shot at a site here.

Helen Mirren seems like a truly adventurous soul...

And I got the shot directly above here.

Anyway, this should make it obvious that my interests are not limited to feet or femdom!

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