The eternal allure of red high heels…

10 Sep

I find red heels on ladies very sexy. Check out this image I found here:

I bet everything above those knees is gorgeous, too!

I’m not obsessed with red heels, but I was thinking about them today when I was looking at some ads online and found a girl wearing a striking pair that had low vamps and showed off her toe cleavage. I began to recall when I became interested in shoes like this, back when I was first living in New York in the mid-70s…

I was standing in what used to be called a “singles bar” named Maxwell’s Plum on the Upper East Side, having a drink and trying to meet some girls. A tall brunette in her mid-twenties walked in wearing red patent heels with frilly white ankle socks, which I soon realized was a popular new retro-inspired combination. I had never seen anything like that, literally. It was a primal erotic experience. I was hooked on red heels. (And ankle socks, which I’ve written about elsewhere on this blog.)

Shortly afterward, I took a short story writing workshop at the New School, a local college. That was a primal experience too; I learned a lot (mostly about what was wrong with my fiction at the time, which was helpful), and made some supportive writer friends. After the class was over, a bunch of us students continued to meet for a couple of years at each other’s homes to share and critique our work. Well, actually, not at my home, because I lived in a tiny room in a semi-seedy residential hotel; but the other students, all of whom were married middle-aged women, had nice apartments and so we met there.

They teased me in an affectionate way because the heroines of many of my stories often seemed to be wearing red high heels! And it was true; after the primal vision in Maxwell’s Plum, I was hung up on those shoes for a time, which women wore a lot in the early 70s when platform heels came back into fashion. I had never seen shoes like that when I was growing up in Chicago in the 50s and 60s.

I still like red heels, and I’ve written a few stories in recent years where they occasionally pop up. And while surfing the Web I recently discovered the work of an artist named Jacqui Faye who has a specialty of making acrylic paintings where women wear a great variety of red heels. Very evocative, sensual works. You can find her paintings here; below is one example, entitled “Charmed…I’m Sure,” shown on her blog. Check out her pictures!

As for me, I can imagine whole stories around images of red heels…femdom tales, or literary stories too, not necessarily erotica. And noirish vignettes of femmes fatale too, of course…although the idea of a sweet- natured girl wearing such tantalizingly hypnotic shoes is what really gets me going! I’ll have to see what I come up with down the line…

The title story in my collection SPELL OF DOMINANCE, available on Kindle at Amazon, starts off with a wife taking her husband to a store to get her a pair of red high heels. She’s unsure about fetish games, but by going to purchase the shoes with her hubby, she finds a way “into” the fantasy roleplay of her becoming his powerful mistress. Not unlike how, when I am writing, I sometimes have to find my way “into” a story by thinking about an element that intrigues me…like red high heels! Or other fascinating things.

Artist Jacqui Faye really gets the mysterious appeal of red heels!

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