Take a moment to worship Kate Upton!

18 Aug

It’s been a busy week. I’ve done three newsletters for erotic websites, as well as finishing two short stories for adult magazines. I’ve also been working on assembling a new ebook, which is going to consist of five magazine stories published for the first time as a collection. It’s going to be 10,000 words, or approximately 2000 words each story, full of all the themes that obsess me…playfully dominant women, nervously submissive men, long legs, pretty feet, and unpredictable female behavior.

Meanwhile, between getting my work done, I’ve enjoyed a few online peeks at a swimsuit model named Kate Upton who is reviving my somewhat dormant interest in Anglo-Saxon blondes, Asian girls having held sway in my imagination for a few years now…not that my interest in Asians is in any way diminishing, mind you…

This picture of Kate is from one of her Guess campaigns. You can see more of her pictures at her very excellent official site here. I love the way when you click on the pictures on her site, they jump out at you…

Slingback of the most potently feminine styles!

Parenthetically, I also want to note that I find women sporting large handbags on their arms (as Kate does here) to be mysteriously erotic images…

Unbeknownst to myself, I’ve been aware of Miss Kate for some time, having taken some weeks back this photo of a collage of her Guess ads in Times Square…

This billboard is located over the spot where roughly twenty years ago a notorious Times Square live sex show flourished.

The picture is very large; if you click on it, you can see it full-size. I had to run it small to avoid distortion.

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful video at a site called that shows, in slo-mo, Kate modeling swimsuits at a fashion show…very educational. I mean, a physics professor would find those bouncing breasties to have some empirical value from a purely observational standpoint.

But since I am also interested in her personality, I watched this at, too.

I have the feeling that Miss Kate Upton could well serve as my inspirational muse for a fine piece of femdom erotica! And she rides horses, too…ai yai yai!!


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