Who needs a whip when you have hamburger?

01 Jul

I like to write femdom fiction.

I also like to write other kinds of erotic fiction too. Show me a big pair of tits and I’ll weave a narrative as tight as a bra one size too small.

But I especially like to write about stern women…who can dominate their slaves (those happy victims) with a glance…a tone of voice…an unexpected prop…and do things such as transform a diner booth into a playspace as riveting as any dungeon. And I’ve just penned a new tale about a gal like that. Chinese-American looker by the name of Meirong, which means “beautiful face.”

You see, I’ve worked in the erotica trade since 1974 as a writer and magazine editor, and a new chapter in my career began just a little while ago.

In 1974, when I was 22, I earned my first check as a professional writer for a porn novel I’d written in two weeks, marking the beginning of my professional life as a smut scribe. And just a little while ago I saw my first self-published e-book appear in Amazon’s Kindle store in the erotica section. It’s a story of approximately twenty pages, or 5450 words, entitled Learning To Be Cruel.

Handmade cover art for that old-time porn shop feeling!

The 1974 novel was the work of a hopeful, talented amateur. The new story is the polished product of someone who’s published about a thousand stories over the years in newsstand magazines distributed all over the world.

I’ve started this blog for two main reasons. The first is to promote the e-books I’m going to write and publish. The second reason is that I want to reflect on, and share, some of my experiences doing this unusual kind of work.

To me, even as a writer whose main goal is to arouse his readers, the physical act of sex is only a small part of what’s interesting about an encounter. It’s the interplay between the characters that I find most stimulating. That’s another reason (other than the fact that it turns me on) why I enjoy writing about female domination and role-playing: such activities bring out the quirkiness in the characters. And when people–especially my female characters–do or say unexpectedly kinky things (I like them to surprise me), it’s very exciting to behold their antics as I tap away on my laptop, seeing the story in my mind, and “feeling it” in parts lower down as well.

If you have a Kindle, or a Kindle program on a Mac, I hope you’ll check out Learning to be Cruel if it’s your cup of tease. It tells the story about a middle-aged white guy who goes to a diner with a twentysomething Chinese bookstore clerk, and how she dominates him over their meal. Who needs a whip when you have a half-eaten hamburger handy? For more info, check out the links below to the Amazon stores in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany.

If you read the story and have some thoughts, please leave me a comment.

If the response is good and I sell okay on Kindle, I may also publish the stories in booklet format as well.

Well…the self-publishing adventure begins!

—–Ye ole porn scribe Uncle Irv

Pondering the mysteries of Venus...


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2 responses to “Who needs a whip when you have hamburger?

  1. Sue

    July 1, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Most enjoyable!

    • irvoneil

      July 1, 2011 at 10:11 pm

      Glad you liked it, Sue! Thanks for leaving a comment!


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